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Emirates Employs 130 Nigerians

Emirates employs more than 130 Nigerian nationals across the Emirates group, of which over 60 are employed in Nigeria and not 10 as reported in some local media, the airline has said.

According to the biggest Middle East carrier, its operation also supports many more jobs in Nigeria’s aviation services supply chain such as in ground handling and catering, and brings broader benefits to the Nigerian economy by supporting tourism and trade.

“The airline prides itself on ‎its diversity and employs staff from more than 170 countries around the world and connects people from all backgrounds across our international network. We welcome applications from suitably qualified and experienced

candidates for available vacancies from all nationalities, including  Nigerian nationals,” Emirates said in a statement.

Recently the airline took selected Nigerian aviation journalists on a trip to Dubai on facility tour of its cabin crew training. Emirates aviation cabin crew training covers a number of key learning areas and they employ people from all over the world, including Nigerians.

Speaking during a tour at the Emirates Cabin Crew Training Centre, Dubai, Pamela Mizzi said cabin crew are trained on how to wear their uniforms and how to attend to customers, adding that the seven splits in the scarf of the uniform represents the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

On their appearance, she explained that the ladies are taught how to apply their makeup, the foundation to use, red lip stick of their choice to match up with their skin colours (as they employ people from all over the world), nutrition and fitness and proper skin care.

Mizzi said once the crewmember wears their uniforms for the first time, it is usually like a dream come true for them.

“Every time before the crew members fly, their hairstyle, nails, accessories and makeup are checked to make sure they meet up to the standard Emirates has set down. We take note of how cabin crew compose themselves and speak to customers,” she added.

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